Candelabra hold grandeur and set the mood on cold, dark winter evenings. We have a few different styles of candelabra, and can dress them as elaborately or as simply as you like. They are perfect for venues such as a castle or ancient hall. 

Our gold candelabra are great paired with corals, pinks and greens. 

Our silver candelabra go with colour schemes such as dusty pink, silvery greens and blues, and purples and ivories.

We also have wrought iron candelabra that are the perfect partner for medieval castles. 

In terms of dressing the candelabra, you could have a posy of flowers around the top, the bottom, or even both. If you’re wanting a slight floral touch, we could arrange small vases of blooms around the bottom, or tie flowers to the stem of the candelabra. 

Thank-you to Stan Seaton Photography for sharing their beautiful photography with us.

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